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Option of new LED-drying oil technology at Heywood

Option of new LED-drying oil technology at Heywood

Heywood Vloeren is the first to adopt the option of a LED-drying oil parquet line for wooden floors.

Heywood Vloeren quickly identified the great advantages of this revolutionary innovation and has installed during the summer of 2016 the first finishing line with LED floor oils. With UV drying, the wood is heated. With LED technology, the wood isn't heated while the floor panels are being dried. This prevents dozens of potential issues during production like roughening of the wood, discolouration and loss of glue adhesion. "The LED-drying oil offers us nothing but advantages, so we did not hesitate to offer our customers the option of this innovative technology. And the results are very promising." says Haike van der Heijden, Managing Director of Heywood Vloeren.

Environmental- and Customer Service Advantages:

"The option of this new LED oil offers all the advantages of the well-known UV oils with none of the disadvantages: it hardens out just as quickly and treats and protects the wood well. It is able to do this without the high power costs associated with UV-drying. What's more, it does not release any poisonous fumes, so you do not need a complex exhaust system! Moreover, the tests showed we could create lovely floor finishes with the LED oil. The fact that the floorboards are ready for immediate shipping and can be sent for packaging as soon as the finish is applied was a strong argument for us to invest in this new technology. This allows us to adapt to customer demand more quickly while saving room in our production halls. With the oxidative oil, which we still offer, the parquet planks have to be laid out on a drying rack first," says Haike van der Heijden.

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