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‘Old Reclaimed Wood Collection' by Heywood

‘Old Reclaimed Wood Collection' by Heywood

New for 2015 is our beautiful program of old reclaimed wood in Oak, Elm and Barnwood.This reclaimed wood has its own audience and is extremely well suited for unique high-end wooden floor applicaties en trendy wall-ceiling panels. Consequently this rare but very fashionable genuine weathered old wood fits a designers niche amongst architects and other connaisseurs.The 'Old Reclaimed Wood Collection' by Heywood' can be reckognized by the lovely powerful natural colourvariations and patina of untreated wood which has been weathered and dried by centuries of exposure to the harshness of the elements.The wood of some 200+ years old is classified as 'Reclaimed Century-D Wood' in a mix of browns and greys, from light to dark with a stronger character then new oak. Our Century-D Wood features some stunning natural dark cracks and nail holes and has a stable colour patina which cannot be influenced by UV-light anymore.The wood of some 80 years old is classified as 'Reclaimed Lifetime Wood' and is usually somewhat lighter and brown/greyish in colour. There are 2 surface options: 'Venasque surface' is the original rough textured outside of both wood classifications. The Venasque outside can be installed untreated and doesn't require further maintenance. 'Compiègne surface' is the smooth, sanded and brushed inside of both wood classifications and more light coloured. Century-D Oak 'Compiègne' in a mix of mature golden browns with dark cracks and nailholes. Lifestyle Oak 'Compiègne' in mixed medium browns with some dark cracks and holes. The Compiègne surface needs to be oiled and maintained. For more details please study the section Reclaimed of the website or contact your Heywood Sales Representative.

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