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Showroom Panels

Showroom Panels

To promote our unique flooring collections and individual designs, Heywood offers a customized range of display options to present each floor on a beautiful representative display panel which reflects most of the natural features which you may expect in each of our flooring design: pattern, colour, surface structure and grading. All our display panels are created and finished by our most skilled craftsman as a fine piece of art!

Heywood offers various standard sizes of showroom panels to display in a floorrack or as a large wall panel. Feel free to order the showroom panels in your desired dimensions and colours. All showroom panels will be offered and charged at special introduction prices. Your display investment could be reimbursed through a discount scheme on the actual floors ordered. For full details please see the attached PDF.

Note: Since wood is a natural product and not one piece is identical in it's colour and structure, small deviations between showroom panel and the actual floor are allowed, which enhances the uniqueness of each of our handcrafted natural wooden floors.

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