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Pattern & Panel Floors

Pattern & Panel Floors


All our Herringbone floors have a Groove on 3-sides and a Tongue on 1-long side. A loose tongue will be provided separately. Bold items (engineered) are usually stocked unfinished with microbevel on 4-sides in Oak Select and Oak Rustic. Our Herringbone can also be installed in Basket Weave-, Dutch- or Briquette pattern. Our 6 designs of Herringbone in Northern Light Collection and labelled "PSA" are Pre-finished Stock Articles and usually available for immediate despatch. Please check PSA availability prior to ordering. Most other Herringbone design colours can also be ordered as Chevron / Hungarian Point.  Northern Light Hardwoods - Prefinished Stock Articles

Drawings of our flooring patterns are shown under Information.

Our most common Bespoke Herringbone sizes in unfinished engineered Oak:

20 x 180 x 720/900 mm 15 x 180 x 720/900 mm
20 x 160 x 640/800 mm 15 x 160 x 640/800 mm
20 x 150 x 600/750 mm 15 x 150 x 600/750 mm, also in 750 mm Aged Oak Antique, Knotting Hill and Shrunk
20 x 140 x 560/700 mm 15 x 140 x 560/700 mm
20 x 120 x 480/600 mm 15 x 120 x 480/600 mm, including our 6 new 'PSA' designs in Northern Light Hardwoods
20 x 100 x 500/600 mm 15 x 100 x 500/600 mm
15 x 90 x 450 mm

Some of the design options of this Pattern & Panel Floors collection

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Northern Light Hardwoods

Northern Light Hardwoods covers a range of unique and innovative wooden floor & wall covering designs. The design team was inspired by the Scandinavian eye for style, quality and responsible use of real wood. The range covers Prefinished Stock Articles (PSA) like wide planks, herringbones and 3D wall panels. Prefinished Stock Articles , are usually available from stock to meet the growing demand from consumers, resellers, contractors, architects and designers for just-in-time deliveries. Northern Light Hardwoods is exclusively distributed from the Netherlands, by Heywood Vloeren, specialized in the production of Bespoke Hardwood Flooring.