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Solid Woodflooring

Solid Woodflooring

Heywood Vloeren offers a wide range of options in woodspecies, size and finishing for people who prefer a Solid Wooden Floor. Heywood's offers Solid European Plank flooring in for example 'thickness x width' from 20x100mm upto 20x300mm in various Rustic grades and in Select grade. Some grading/size restrictions do apply! All boards can be treated, coloured and finished as per customers own 'Bespoke specification', so that we can design the floor you have in mind. Apart from Oak, we also produce solid wooden floors in other wood species like: Afromosia, Afzelia Pachyloba, Afzelia Doussie, American Walnut, American White Oak, American White Ash, Canadian White Maple, Canadian Brown Maple, Jatoba, Merbau, French Pine, Curupixa, Russian Pine, Sucupira and Wengé. Please check with your Heywood Sales Representative for more details.