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  • Cotswolds Plank (mixed widths, 200 years old Oak, Outside)
  • Cotswolds Chevron (200 years old Reclaimed Oak, Outside)
  • Cotswolds Herringbone 120 x 600mm (200 years old Reclaimed Oak, Outside)
  • Cotswolds Versailles (200 years old Reclaimed Oak, Outside)

Reclaimed 'Cotswolds'

OUTSIDES (authentic textured surface)

Genuine Reclaimed Oak 'COTSWOLDS' +/- 200 years old  is available in mixed width Planks, Herringbone, Chevron and Versailles panels and comes with it's authentic rough textured outside surface without bevel. The outside of the reclaimed wood of some 200+ years old comes in a mix of warm browns and some greys, from light to dark with a strong character which features some stunning natural dark cracks, nail holes and a stable colour patina which cannot be influenced by UV-light anymore. Colour variations subject to delivery.


20/8 x 120/160/200/240mm x RL 1800~2500mm (20% shorter)
Mixed widths


20/8 x 120 x 600 mm
20/8 x   70 x 350 mm 


20/8 x 120 x 600 mm (45° or 60°)
20/8 x   70 x 350 mm (45° or 60°)


20/8 x 1000 x 1000 mm

The colour of this design is also available as:
Aged Antique
Aged Knotting Hill
Aged Shrunk