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Knotting Hill 'Dune'

Aged Oak, Knotting Hill Surface
Knotting Hill = Extra rustic grade with characteristic natural undulated surface with raised knots and handcarved cracks. A bandsawn and brushed surface. Filled cracks, end cracks and filled knots are allowed.

  • Smoked
  • 1st colour oiled
  • 2nd natural oiled


15/4,0 x 180/220/240/260 mm x RL
20/5,5 x 180/220/240/280/320 mm x RL


15/4 x 150 x 750 mm*
*Other Bespoke sizes on request


15/4 x 120 x 600 mm*   (45°)
*Other Bespoke sizes on request


20/5,5 x 1000 x 1000 mm

The colour of this design is also available as:
Aged Antique ✓ (Only with additional brushed treatment)
Aged Knotting Hill
Aged Shrunk