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Aged Hardwood Floors

Aged Hardwood Floors
Aged Antique Surface

Aged Antique Surface

Handcarved Aged Plank, Herringbone, Chevron and Versailles Panels with beautiful characteristic open knots and cracks. European Oak wear-layer on a backing of WBP Birch Plywood. Handmade bevels on all 4-sides. Dimensions marked * are also available in Burned & Brushed (B&B), further unfinished. Bold sizes are stocked in unfinished.

PLANK     20/5,5 x 180 / 220 / 240 / 280 / 320 mm x RL
PLANK 15/4,0 x 180* / 220* / 240 / 260 mm x RL
15/4,0 x 180 / 220 mm x RL

RL = Random Length 600 – 2500mm, sometimes upto 3000mm (80% above 1800mm)
For width 320mm RL is mainly between 2500 – 4000mm

HERRINGBONE 15/4 x 150 x 750 mm
HERRINGBONE Burned&Brushed  15/4 x 150 x 750 mm
CHEVRON (45°) 15/4 x 120 x 600 mm
VERSAILLES 20/5,5 x 1000 x 1000 mm 

Some of the design options of this Aged Hardwood Floors collection

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Northern Light Hardwoods

Northern Light Hardwoods covers a range of unique and innovative wooden floor & wall covering designs. The design team was inspired by the Scandinavian eye for style, quality and responsible use of real wood. The range covers Prefinished Stock Articles (PSA) like wide planks, herringbones and 3D wall panels. Prefinished Stock Articles , are usually available from stock to meet the growing demand from consumers, resellers, contractors, architects and designers for just-in-time deliveries. Northern Light Hardwoods is exclusively distributed from the Netherlands, by Heywood Vloeren, specialized in the production of Bespoke Hardwood Flooring.