Bespoke Hardwood Flooring

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The Heywood Collections

Our goal is to help people in creating the floor of their dreams. To visualize our many possibilities for 'Design your own floor', we have created some beautiful collections with great innovative designs, for Classic-, Contemporary- or Country Style interiors. Filtering all the options with the 'HEYWOOD FLOORFINDER' is very beneficial for narrowing down all the available options. Result: a flooring example which best reflects the style and ambiance you like to create! This way Heywood can best produce the floor in the thickness, grade, colour and dimension of your choice.

Bespoke Wooden Floors

Heywood's Bespoke program covers BESPOKE ELEGANCE and BESPOKE CHARACTER.  Our 'Bespoke Colouring and Size Services' allows you to order your floor in the colour, grade and size of your preference. Some restrictions apply.

Aged Hardwood Floors

We offer three surface textures in Aged Plank: Antique, Knotting Hill & Shrunk. Each with a unique and powerful character of its own, characterized by an individual, warm and natural atmosphere. Our Bespoke services allow you to order the desired color and size. 

Old Reclaimed Wood

Our genuine Old Reclaimed Wood of 80-200 years old Oak and 80 years old Barnwood has powerful natural colourvariations and a patina of untreated wood which has been weathered and dried by centuries of exposure to the elements. This wood has its own audience and is suitable for unique floors and trendy wall panels. Colour variations subject to delivery.

Pattern & Panel Floors

Apart from extra wide and long Plank floors, Heywood also offers Bespoke size and colouring options in Herringbone, Chevron, Versailles and other square panel patterns. Below the main patterns. All square panel enquiries will be handled as a special order. For management of expectations detailed drawings of our flooring patterns are shown under Information.
Please contact us for further details like dimensions. For colour options please be inspired by the designs shown in our Collections.

Northern Light Hardwoods

Northern Light Hardwoods covers a range of unique and innovative wooden floor & wall covering designs. The design team was inspired by the Scandinavian eye for style, quality and responsible use of real wood. The range covers Prefinished Stock Articles (PSA) like wide planks, herringbones and 3D wall panels. Prefinished Stock Articles , are usually available from stock to meet the growing demand from consumers, resellers, contractors, architects and designers for just-in-time deliveries. Northern Light Hardwoods is exclusively distributed from the Netherlands, by Heywood Vloeren, specialized in the production of Bespoke Hardwood Flooring.